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jueves, 30 de octubre de 2008

BTVS: The Score (OST)

El nuevo Soundtrack de Buffy que salió el 9 de septiembre pasado, Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Score/ Music by Christophe Beck. Cuenta con grandes instrumentales que sonaron en la serie y fueron creados por Chris Beck. La compañía a cargo es Rounder Records.

Descarga el cd aquí

Agradecimientos a SLAYERSOUL

Para ver las pistas que contiene el álbum, click en "Leer más".

1. Massacre (from “Becoming”)
2. Angel Waits (from “Passion”)
3. Remembering Jenny (from “Passion”)
4. Twice the Fool (from “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered”)
5. Moment of Happiness (from “Innocence”)
6. Loneliness of Six (from “Lover’s Walk”)
7. Sugar High (from “Band Candy”)
8. Tai Chi (from “Band Candy”)
9. Kralik’s House (from “Helpless”)
10. Magic Snow Music (from “Amends”)
11. Slayer’s Elegy (from “The Wish”)
12. Faith’s End (from “Graduation Day”)
13. Drink Me (from ent (from “Graduation Day”)
15. Haunted (from “Fear Itself”)
16. From the Grave (from “This Year’s Girl”)
17. Demon Got Your Tongue (from “Hush”)
18. Golf Claps (from “Hush”)
19. The Princess Screams (from “Hush”)
20. Spellbound (from “Who Are You?”)
21. Fyarl in the Morning (from “A New Man”)
22. A Really Big Sandbox (from “Restless”)
23. Spaghetti (from “Restless”)
24. Body Paint (from “Restless”)
25. Xander’s Nightmare (from “Restless”)
26. The Tower (from “The Gift”)
27. Losing Battle (from “The Gift”)
28. Apocalypse (from “The Gift”)
29. Sacrifice (alternate version, from “The Gift”)

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